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“After our home was heavily damaged by a tornado, the Cupp family was immediately on the scene assisting us in the clean-up and recovery process. The service we received throughout the claims process from Cupp Insurance and the insurance company they placed us with was above and beyond what we ever could have expected!”

Mike R

Woodward, IA

Liquor liability (DRAM) insurance is a policy for anyone or any business that sells, serves, manufactures alcohol. The policy protects policyholders when damage or injury may be caused or arise out of the consumption of the alcohol the policyholder was responsible for. Host liquor liability is for those who may host a party or event where alcohol may be served or provided. This could be an event as simple as a party at an individual’s home or a larger event such as a wedding reception. If you are going to be hosting a party or special event where alcohol is being served, whether it be at home or at another venue, you may want to consider a host liquor liability policy.

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